The Care & Passion in Nursing!

RNB-cover-border-300My book, RN Bound: A Guide to Becoming a Successful Nurse, I wrote this book after years of seeing nursing students stressed out and overwhelmed by the demands of their chosen career path. I’ve been teaching for many years, and have seen too many students enter my class only to be surprised at what is expected of them as nurses. Some students make the adjustment, and go on to become successful nurses. Some, never adjust.

They eventually drop out of nursing school or struggle through those first few years of being nurses — if they pass. This book addresses that. In RN Bound, I clearly explain what to expect in nursing, from what to expect in the classroom as you prepare for a nursing career, to what to expect once you are a nurse. In addition to classroom and workplace expectations, I also cover things like salary — everyone wants to know the hot places for earning money! I also cover career opportunities and where the growth areas are.

RN Bound can help you know what to expect in nursing, before you set foot in a classroom.

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